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I Just Got Back From Another Camp....

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 4, 2014, 4:16 AM

..... and am pissed as fuck. 

So I got back from camp yesterday but here’s the thing, I wasn’t meant to be going on camp in the first place (it’s a long story that involves a lot of anxiety attacks) and I didn’t go out of my own free will. 
You see morning of the camp mum woke me up to see if by any chance I’d changed my mind about going even though it really wasn’t likely and I said I hadn’t and mum started pressuring me into still going and long story short I ended up having an anxiety attack, yay me (but at least with that mum stopped and left). Anyone so I went to my normal go to calm down from anxiety attack things, my ipod and my computer. 
Anyway so I just doing my thing and I had just just come down from the stupid anxiety attack when I get a knock on the door and mum is saying I have visiters (obviously I was thinking “what the fuck”). 
Turns out the stupid fucking school had though it’d be a good fucking idea to show up at my fucking house and force me into going on camp after I had said no. And even though this happened 6 days ago, I am still so fucking pissed off. It was so fucking out of line. If a student says no to going on camp you don’t fucking show up at their house at 7 am and make them fucking go. Oh and even more you don’t fucking send two others students into the house where it would likely be uncomfortable/awkward to get them, you do it your fucking self. If it was your idea at least show your stupid fucking face not hide behind to students. And seriously, putting two other students in that place is so fucking wrong, almost as wrong as showing up at a students fucking house at 7 am after they said no. 

So yeah. 
Still fucking pissed off. 
Still wanting to hurl a brick at whoever came up with that fucking bright idea. 

  • Mood: Rage
  • Listening to: Going In Blind by P.O.D
  • Watching: Teen Wolf

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